29 Mayıs 2010 Cumartesi


Mika, hope you read this..
As the followers of this blog know, Fashion@EYE Vintage Sunglasses Collection were at Miller Freshtival on Saturday Night. The private vintage eyewear collection of my dear father Mehmet San was exhibited, and I am a very proud son now, -as I always have been- seeing that large groups of people were interested and got their very own vintage sunglasses..
As an academic and publicist, these vintage sunglasses are a passion for me..
And I very much wanted YOU to wear these sunglasses, because I really like your music and more importantly your style. I am very glad that I was able to reach you to present two samples to thank for the beautiful concert and my personal appreciation for you. Thanks for accepting.
I will be extremely happy if you wear them at your very best days..
I am very much sure that they will suit you and complete your style because I know you are one of those who would understand their spirit and irreplaceable design.
Hope you connect me for the other models and enjoy Istanbul :)

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